Vivian is the COO of LUCKYRICE.  She started as a business and legal consultant for LUCKYRICE since inception and has seen the Company grow.  She has her own private law practice and serves as in-house legal counsel for small businesses and specializes in executive advisory services and corporate matters.  She previously worked as a lawyer at American Express and Clifford Chance US LLP in New York City.  She was the former New York Chapter Leader for Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in 2016 and was a Harriman Advisory board member for the American Red Cross-Greater New York.  In her spare time, she loves to volunteer as a pro-bono lawyer for non-profits, DACA students and children with special needs.  She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Political Science and was selected as a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholar which provided for a full scholarship to Georgetown Law Center. Vivian was born and raised in Los Angeles, attended international high school in Seoul, Korea where her love and appreciation for Asian culture and cuisine derive.  Her favorite foods are oysters, uni and Korean fried chicken.

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