Watermelon Soju Punch


This fun drink is perfect for sharing. Simply combine watermelon with soju, serve it up with cocktail straws, and start slurping! Make sure your watermelon is ice-cold; it is worth the extra step to freeze some of the watermelon juice into ice cubes so that the punch is not further diluted by the water in ice cubes. Soju—Korea’s most popular alcoholic drink—is a cheap, clear, and colorless distilled beverage made with ethanol and water. At the pochas, or drinking pop-up spots, in Korea (and Koreatowns across America), this punch is also served ladled into rice bowls, which I think makes perfect sense for this soup of a cocktail.


1 small seedless watermelon, well chilled

2 cups soju

1 12-ounce bottle Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

Cut the watermelon in half. You will only need half of the watermelon, so refrigerate the other half for another use. Scoop the watermelon fresh into a blender, keeping the watermelon “bowl” intact. If necessary, slice a little off the bottom of the watermelon bowl so it sits level.

In a blender, puree the watermelon. Strain the puree through a sieve. Freeze 2 cups of the strained watermelon juice into ice cubes and refrigerate the remainder of the watermelon juice. When ready to serve, pour the watermelon juice back into the watermelon half, and then top with the soju and ginger ale. Add the watermelon ice cubes to the bowl. Stir, and serve with 4 straws in the watermelon half or with a ladle and individual bowls on the side.

Tip: You can purchase soju (or shochu, in Japanese) at most upscale wine stores.


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