Tiki Refresher


Recently there has been a revival of tiki cocktail culture, bringing beachy flavors like rum and coconuts back into vogue, but actually rum and coconuts have always made a great couple. Bright, frothy, and sweet, these Polynesian-inspired cocktails are born of the Hollywood imagination. Tiki cocktail culture does not actually originate from Polynesia, but is in fact a 20th-century American invention from a time when Elvis Presley starred in Blue Hawaii and South Pacific wove its way into our popular imagination. This refreshing recipe has the spirit of tiki cocktails, but is made with coconut water and no added sugar.


2 ounces (¼ cup) golden rum

2 ounces (¼ cup) coconut water

Fill a tall collins glass with ice. Combine the rum and coconut water in a small pitcher, and pour the mixture over the ice.

Tip: If you have a fresh coconut lying around, use the water from that instead, and break the coconut into little pieces to serve on the side. Fresh coconuts can also make great serving vessels; just make sure to adjust the proportion of rum to coconut water so that the cocktail contains equal amounts of both.


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