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What tasting will you be serving?  Why do you think this tasting paves the next wave of food trends? 

Crunchy Firebomb Roll: Spicy tuna, sweet spicy mayo, masago, tempura flakes represents how food in Los Angeles is more about fusion: combining flavors/ dishes/ techniques from different cultures to create a familiar yet flavorful experience rather than keeping everything strict and traditional.

What does the future of Asian food look like? 

Endless possibilites.

What does celebrating 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE mean to you? 

It’s dope to be a part of something that as sustained itself for long duration of time. People tend to move on from things so quickly these days. 10 years; you have created a culinary footprint in Los Angeles and that's something to be proud of!

Join Chef Killens at our 10th year celebration LUCKYRICE Night Market of the Future on May 30h, 2019.