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Chef Fern, who is very passionate about cooking has proved to be a top chef by achieving a first class honor’s degree from Le Cordon Bleu Pasadena - Pasadena, CA Campus in the year 2011. She also gained some extraordinary experience working as part of a culinary team for a world famous - Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Chef Fern has always loved cooking since her childhood. She spent a great amount of time learning many secrets from her beloved 90-year-old grandma who inspired her to be a chef.

Unlike chef Fern, chef Pla got her degree in the Bachelor of Communications Arts Program and had worked extensively in the film industry in Thailand. It was destiny that brought her to open a restaurant in Los Angeles, but her great passion for cooking comes from a strong culinary business background. Her grandmother owned a restaurant in Thailand and her dad was an executive chef at five star hotels in Phuket where her mom opened a successful restaurant also. This can be seen in Luv2Eat Thai Bistro’s “the well-known crab curry”, which is Chef Pla’s signature dish and became very popular because of the secret recipe that has been passed through generations. Chef Pla is also well known for her desserts. She loves to bake and it’s easy to see from the reaction of those who’ve tasted her desserts that she has a passion for it. Her signature dessert “Planoffee” and Thai tea pudding became legendary with all her customers.

Chef Fern and chef Pla are originally from a province in Thailand called “Phuket”. The two have been involved in running Thai restaurants for years. With the support of family, friends and beloved ones, the two decided to open Luv2Eat Thai Bistro together in October, 2014. Noree Thai on Beverly would be their next project, where you can find the same authentic Thai dishes as well as new additions in a more composed format. Signature dishes include southern style ko-lae chicken, crispy chicken and lime sauce, massaman lamb chop, and their twists on classics including Tum Noree, papaya salad with raw shrimp, blue crab, clams, and crispy pork Pad See Ew.

© Lauren Stanfield

© Lauren Stanfield

What tasting will you be serving? Why do you think this tasting paves the next wave of food trends? 

Thai Yellow Curry is one of the best selling dishes in our restaurant. Some people might not know that Banana blossom also offers many health benefits such as contain antioxidants that help premature aging and cancer, reduce menstrual bleeding, manage diabetes and Anemia, boost milk supply for nursing mother.

What does the future of Asian food look like? 

Because of the varieties of Asian cuisine from each region are very unique in flavors, and they are very tasty and healthy at a reasonable price, therefore the trend of eating Asian food is growing rapidly.

What does celebrating 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE mean to you? 

It’s our honor to be a part of this event. As we are Thai and rice is the main dish for us, so we are very excited to celebrate this 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE.

Enjoy a taste of the future of Thai cuisine from Noree Thai at our 10th year celebration LUCKYRICE Night Market of the Future on May 30h, 2019.