My passion and love for food begins from my childhood where my father would miss his mother’s home-made cooking. Because my father was separated from his family who were in North Korea, I took the role in being the cook at home for my
father and my father’s gathering of friends. In order to further my education in the culinary field, I attended Seoul Women’s College and graduated with a degree in Food and science.

I graduated and got married in the same year, cooking for my family and friends at home for the next decade or so. However, after becoming a single mother, I had to find a way to provide for my two kids. I came to Los Angeles with my son and my daughter with nothing but the hope to give them a better life. Luckily, my love for food gave me a chance to open up an Up Scale Korean BBQ restaurant. Without even knowing it will become such an icon in LA, seeing the happiness on people’s faces as they ate my food gave me great joy.

ParKs BBQ was created with the thought of bringing families and friends together to enjoy a family style meal just as I would when I was young.

Sample Chef Jenee’s taste of the future at our 10th year celebration LUCKYRICE Night Market of the Future on May 30h, 2019.