A born networker and serial entrepreneur, Jason Angeles has launched several dessert concepts in the Bay Area.

In 2011, he launched Frozen Kuhsterd, a successful frozen dessert food truck and now scoop shop in Lower Haight (San Francisco).

In 2013, he co-founded Sugar and Spun, a gourmet cotton candy company with distribution across the United States and Canada.

In 2015, he co-founded his recent project, Hookt Doughnuts, now a permanent trailer in Mission Bay (San Francisco).

For his new venture, IVSF Catering, Jason takes his logistics expertise and sales background to help book and execute small to large scale events.

What tasting are you presenting? Why do you think this tasting paves the next wave of food trends?

White Rabbit Custard Panna Cotta topped with Remy Martin soaked boba and Remy Martin brown sugar syrup then finished with edible paper. This takes my popular frozen custard and remade into a form that doesn't need to be frozen. I chose the White Rabbit candy as an inspiration because it is nostalgic to mostAsian Americans. The Remy Martin soaked boba and black syrup is an adult take on dessert. 21 years old and over please.

In an effort to promote sustainable gastronomy, how is your dish aligned with this future trend? (i.e. using local produce, plastic-free, etc)

All of my dairy is sourced locally. All of the ingredients are replicated using real all natural or organic ingredients. The serving cup is compostable and the serving spoon is compostable.

What does the future of Asian food look like?

I vision remakes of nostalgic flavors from our upbringing and childhood. There is gonna be introductions to flavors from Asian countries and cultures that aren't the typical Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. flavors.

What does celebrating 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE mean to you?

That there is an importance of celebrating being Asian American and the amazing food that all of our cultures bring to tables across the United States

Join Jason Angeles on July 25, 2019 at LUCKYRICE Night Market of the Future presented by Rémy Martin