Jamby Roi (J.R.) Martin is a co-owner/operator and head chef at Tatang restaurant in North Hollywood. He leads a professional team dedicated to providing culinary excellence and a top-tier guest experience while overseeing all restaurant operations, culinary offerings, and media outreach.

As a professional chef, he has gained renowned exposure in high-profile venues and events throughout the United States associated with Wolfgang Puck, Patina; National Events: Kentucky Derby, Grammy Awards, X-Games; Major Sports Leagues: NBA, PGA, NHL, MLS, USTA, NASCAR; Corporate/Political/Religious Entities: Lexus, American Express, Ralph Lauren, La Coste, SPACE-X, TESLA, President Clinton, Catholic Archdiocese of Oakland & Los Angeles, just to name a few.

J.R. is no stranger to the food and beverage industry, having spent over fifteen years passionately pursuing business knowledge within the industry alongside his culinary expertise. Prior to starting a professional culinary career and his own restaurant business, J.R. spent his teenage years learning how to plan for, cook and feed his large extended family. This includes his mother, her 15 siblings and the +50 progeny that comes with the lineage. Because of this strong sense of family and community, he has taken his culinary approach along the same vein. J.R. actively seeks opportunities to connect individuals and groups through a common thread.

The culinary arts is a connection that surpasses differences in opinion and ideology. J.R. has found his passion to deepen this connection with quality, sustainable food served by — and with — good people.

J.R. will bring the North Hollywood and greater Los Angeles area a unique culinary experience that will bring the community together through that same love of good food and company. He plans to offer a wide range of programs and services, from gastronomic education to business development and community-enhancing workshops.

As a qualified business owner, J.R. also holds a degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena, which opened the doors of opportunity to experience a wide range of revenue-generating culinary operations across the United States.

Who is Tatang?

  • Tatang is the father of my mother.

  • Tatang loosely translated means FATHER in the ILOCANO dialect which is in the northern region of the main island approximately 3 hours north of Metro Manila.

  • Everyone in the clan called my mother’s father TATANG: his children, grand children, great grand children and friends of the family.

The TATANG logo explanation and restaurant concept info:

  • Embedded in the logo are 16 leaves… they represent the 16 children Tatang had with his wife, Inang.

  • I grew up in cooking with my mother (the 1st born/eldest) in the kitchen for the family, with the family.

  • It seemed as if every weekend was someone’s something… birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. There was always lots of cooking and there were plenty of family boding moments, daily, weekly, monthly… hourly.

  • I was able to learn and experience how to produce traditional Filipino cuisine, growing up in such large family.

  • Me being a chef by profession, I was able to re-imagine the dishes with a Los Angeles approachability/sensibility.

  • Tatang in North Hollywood is a space that offers a new approach to traditional dishes in a setting made to experience with family — grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, brother, sister and friends.

Sample Chef Martin’s “Lon-Ga-Nisa” Meatball at the #LUCKYRICE18 Breaking Bao Intergenerational Feast: Los Angeleson July 26th.