Chef Cyrus Caclini has spent 15 years in the food industry. He started at Noe under Rovert Gatsby and Mike Potowski. From there, he moved to River Oaks Country Club under Charles Carroll. After that, Chef Caclini spent five years at Kata Robata with Chef Hori. Leaving Kata, he went to Kiran’s before taking over as Executive Chef at Izakaya.

What tasting are you presenting? Why do you think this tasting paves the next wave of food trends?

Pork Belly Adobo with Cactus Rice – it’s a take on traditional Filipino food which is gaining lots of traction in the U.S. Living in Texas, this is an example of cultures influencing each other.

What does the future of Asian food look like?

Asian food is already popular – I want to try to find the hidden gems of foods and create new takes on them that can continue to be influenced by other cultures.

What does celebrating 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE mean to you?

This is my first year, so I’m excited to be a part of this community and happy Izakaya can continue to represent at LUCKYRICE.

Join Chef Caclini at the LUCKYRICE Night Market of the Future presented by Rémy Martin on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 at The Astorian