Christine Wong is a NYC Culinary Content Creator and Creative Director at LUCKYRICE. She is the founder of Yommme – the art of mindful cooking and eating and can be found on Instagram @conscious_cooking (95K) and created #plasticfreefoodie which advocates waste-free cooking. A freelance food photographer for Whole Foods Market NE Region, her work has been featured at, Cooking LightThoughtfully Magazine, GrowNYC, as well as on the Instagram feeds of @foodnetwork @foodandwine, @food52, @williamssonoma and @pantone. Christine has a debut cookbook “The Plantiful Plate: Vegan Vinyasas from the Yommme Kitchen” (Countryman Press) coming out January 2019.

Please share an off-menu family recipe (or description) or a personal intergenerational food story 

I started my food journey because I wanted to prepare nutritious and flavorful meals for my children. Using fresh, local ingredients to cook from scratch, I shared recipes with friends and families, and eventually, to a growing audience on Instagram. From this point, I took an online nutrition course, partnered with GrowNYC to highlight seasonal food tastings at Union Square Greenmarket, have hosted both meal prep and (sold out) social media workshops, and became aware of the importance and impact that our shopping and eating habits have on the environment. Since September 2017, I have focused on shopping for, and creating waste-free/plastic-free, healthy foods, which is an inspiration to my audience who continue to share with me about all the changed they have made. I also am a representative of the Plastic Oceans Foundation, creators of the award-winning documentary “A Plastic Ocean.”

While I don’t have any recipes handed down to me from my family, I love that I am able to make my own traditions and share the healthy recipes with my family, hopefully for generations to come. The Pekingbello wrap is a creation of my daughter’s and my favorite flavors, an healthier interpretation with even a hoisin sauce made from scratch!

What does participation at LUCKYRICE signify to you?

I am honored to be a part of the LUCKYRICE family on a day-to-day basis, and am truly grateful for the opportunity to be sharing a tasting alongside so many amazing chefs, who I can’t wait to meet!

What do you think of the Asian food moment right now?

Personally, I would be happy eating Asian food every meal, every day. It’s amazing to see authentic Asian home cooking being celebrated as well as the emergence of creative adaptations (for allergen/ethical diets) that don’t sacrifice the umami of traditional flavors.

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