Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Amanda Kuntee, executive chef and co-owner of Chao Krung, has always had a passion for cooking and learning family recipes from scratch. Part of a close-knit family of 10, Amanda learned to cook from her mother, who taught her how to become the extraordinary and dedicated chef that she is today. Amanda moved to America from Thailand as a child and started working in the restaurant while attending Fairfax High School directly across the street from Chao Krung. This is where she learned to master every family recipe.

Amanda studied business management in college and went to beauty school before committing to cooking full time. Although she has no formal culinary training, Amanda devotes herself to the profession by calling family members to learn traditional Thai techniques and making daily fresh dishes. From fermenting sausage for two days, to grinding and pounding curry paste from scratch, Amanda is always looking for ways to elevate her craft and honor Thai culinary traditions.

When Amanda isn’t in the kitchen, she is performing as a Thai dancer and spending time with her husband who she met in Los Angeles, and the rest of her large family.

Photo: Cara Ostrow

Why do you think your tasting paves the next wave of food trends?

We have always focused on the centuries-old Thai traditions and recipes passed down through our family. We think the next wave of food trends will see a resurgence of interest in these classic flavors, dishes and our scratch-made sauces, as people crave the most authentic, East & Southeast Asian delicacies.

What does the future of Asian food look like?

With the recent increase in travel and tourism to Southeast Asian countries, we think more and more people will be craving the authentic recipes they had on the streets of Thailand during their travels. The future of Asian food will see a shift towards a more traditional landscape of classic, less-Americanized cuisine that really emulates the natural flavors only available in the East.

Photos courtesy of Chao Krung © Cara Ostrow

Photos courtesy of Chao Krung © Cara Ostrow

What does celebrating 10 lucky years of LUCKYRICE mean to you? 

We are looking forward to participating in the event for the first time, and are excited to join such an exciting & long-running event celebrating the future of Asian cuisine.

Enjoy the authentic taste of the future from Chao Krung at our 10th year celebration LUCKYRICE Night Market of the Future on May 30h, 2019.