Barb Batiste is the owner and founder of B Sweet Dessert Bar | Big Boi Filipino Food | Dessert Truck | Catering.

In 2009, Chef Barb opened her own catering company called B Sweet out of her home kitchen. In 2012, the company launched B Sweet Mobile, the two cutest dessert trucks in Los Angeles. These “throwback bakeries on wheels” have been taking SoCal by storm. Chef Barb’s first brick and mortar dessert shop, B Sweet Dessert Bar, opened in August of 2014 located in West Los Angeles’ popular Sawtelle Japantown. Long lines and rave reviews have made this LA gem the go-to destination for anyone with a sweet tooth. In January of 2018, Chef Barb opened WLA’s very first Filipino restaurant, Big Boi – Filipino Comfort Food, located just 6 doors down from B Sweet. The name was chosen in memory of Chef Barb’s late father who was fondly nicknamed Boi. Big Boi has become wildly popular, bringing many curious first-timers to Filipino cuisine and adding an exciting new option to Sawtelle Boulevard’s diverse selection of restaurants. B Sweet has added their own line of Nitro Cold Brew coffee and teas which can be found throughout California. As a self-taught chef, Barb remains true to her “handmade like grandma used to” ways attracting many loyal clients including Disney, Nike, Hulu, Sony and some best known stars and studios in Hollywood.

Please share an off-menu family recipe (or description) or a personal intergenerational food story

I remember when I was 8 years old, my lola (grandma) was visiting from the PI during the holiday season. She made rellenong anok (deboned whole chicken stuffed with a ground pork mixture and baked until golden brown). It’s a very labor intensive process and was usually served during the holidays or for a special occasion. I remember watching my lola, my mom, and my aunt making it in the kitchen. I learned to cook through the participation of tasting and watching my role models create their food since there was no set recipe. To this day, I still go by the recipes to make the traditional foods cooked originally by my grandmother while adding my own personal twist.

What does participation at LUCKYRICE signify to you?

Participation in this event is significant to me because it is giving me the opportunity to share with many of those who have not experienced Filipino cuisine.

What do you think of the Asian food moment right now?

I am very excited about the Asian food movement. I like that people are more open to trying Asian cuisine.


Join Chef Barb with her sweet and savory signature dishes at the #LUCKYRICE18 Breaking Bao Intergenerational Feast: Los Angeles on July 26th.