Win Some at Win Son

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Photo Courtesy of Bedford and Bowery

Located behind an old-school bodega-like awning in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, don't let the unassuming facade turn you away. Win Son is the area’s hottest new eatery boasting Taiwanese-American dishes from traditional oyster omelettes to hearty bowls of lu rou fan. Owners Josh Ku and Trigg Brown have designed an inviting space with an upscale, approachable menu full of surprising twists and complex flavors:

Pan-Griddled Pork Buns
Scallions and Chili Vinaigrette

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Pork buns are a staple in Taiwanese cuisine and a single order at Win Son comes with six buns seared to perfection. Juicy pork is doused with just the right amount of Chinese black vinegar for a balance of umami, sweet, and spicy.

Lamb, Egg Noodles, and Cucumbers

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This traditional Chinese dish is updated with lamb and will satisfy any craving you might have for Sunday Sauce. Mix the flavorful ‘gravy’ and crunchy cucumbers so they coat all the chewy egg noodles for the perfect bite.

Big Chicken Bun
Fermented Tofu Mayo and Herbs

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Chick-Fil-A doesn’t come close to competing here. The combination of two Taiwanese classics, fried chicken and pineapple buns, is extremely clever. Sweetness from the bread, salty crunchiness from the chicken, and rich, funky fermented tofu mayo is a combination you have to experience yourself. Pro tip: splurge on a refreshing bottle of Taiwanese beer to wash it all down.

Lu Rou Fan
Pork Stew, Chinese Broccoli and Soy Egg over Rice

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A hearty bowl of white rice covered in chopped braised pork, Lu Rou Fan is a must order. Fatty pieces of pork are simmered until falling apart in a savory soy sauce base. Topped with Chinese broccoli and a soft-boiled egg, this comforting dish will make you want seconds.

Win Son 159 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206