Event Recap: Tim Ho Wan x Cathay Pacific

Last week Thursday, 6/29, we kicked off Cathay Pacific’s #BoardingPassToAsia event series at Michelin-starred restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, the dim sum specialists. Closing its doors for the night, Tim Ho Wan had to turn away the dim sum hopefuls that would usually line up on New York’s 4th Avenue. It was reminiscent of when the restaurant first opened its only US location last winter. Wait times averaged out at around three hours and getting in is no easy feat but dedicated diners were hardly disappointed as each dish on the menu is less than $5.50 and everything is guaranteed fresh by Tim Ho Wan’s founding chefs, Mak Kwai Pui and Leung Fai Keung, who pride themselves on this matter.

The event was filled to capacity with 70 seats filled by elite, foodie influencers alongside Cathay Pacific’s top executives. Flight attendants dressed in red and white served a mango slush welcome drink under the glow of the lanterns that hung above. Aromatic steam wafted throughout the restaurant as a bamboo baskets holding 10 varieties of dumplings were served. One lucky winner took home a round trip to Hong Kong. Dessert options included sweet osmanthus with goji berries and sweet pumpkin cream with sago. Palates were cleansed by lychee congou tea before deplaning. To say the least, we were transported to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient and left feeling utterly lucky to keep such great company.

Photos by Jesse Hsu @scrumphsus