Test Your Holiday IQ With These 6 Asian Christmas Trivia Questions


Can you guess which country is responsible for each of these bizarre Christmas traditions? Some questions might have one answer, but others might have two. It’s up to you to figure it out! P.S. don’t scroll too far down or else you’ll ruin the fun!


  1. On Christmas, it’s a modern tradition to give a(n) _______ as a gift in China as a symbol of peace.
    1. Apple
    2. Red Envelope
    3. Paper plane
    4. Flower
  2. In this country, Santa Claus is both red and blue.
    1. Japan
    2. South Korea
    3. Philippines
    4. Singapore
  3. In India, the traditional pine Christmas tree is replaced with a(n)  ________.
    1. Banana tree
    2. Fern
    3. Cactus
    4. Mango tree
  4. Which fast food chain provides Japan’s traditional Christmas meal?
    1. Popeyes
    2. K.F.C.
    3. Mos Burger
    4. Burger King
  5. In this country, Christmas festivities begin in September, making it the longest holiday celebration in the world.
    1. Malaysia
    2. Philippines
    3. Hong Kong
    4. Taiwan
  6. In Indonesia, specifically Bali, Christmas trees are made out of ________.
    1. Colorful leaves
    2. Old newspaper
    3. Chicken feathers
    4. Canned goods




  1. The answer is A, apples. In China’s main cities, individual apples are packaged in a special box and wrapped with cute, holiday messages. This tradition stemmed from the Chinese word for apple, pingguo, sounds similar to the word for Christmas Eve, pinganye.
  2. The answer is B, South Korea. Santa ‘Harabujee’ or grandpa is popular amongst children, and usually dresses in both red and blue. It’s widely thought this is a way represent both of the main colors on the South Korean flag, which just so happen to be red and blue as well.
  3. The answers are both A and D. India doesn’t have traditional pine trees, therefore many people who celebrate the holidays make do with either banana or mango trees.
  4. The answer is B, K.F.C. Orders for fried chicken from K.F.C. start weeks before Christmas, so many people plan ahead. The K.F.C. on Christmas craze started in 1974 through a marketing campaign.
  5. The answer is B, Philippines. Shops in the Philippines start selling Christmas merchandise as early as September, and the holiday season is carried out until Early January.
  6. The answer is C, chicken feathers. These specially designed Christmas trees are not only beautiful aesthetically, but are also popular in European countries.


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!