Stirring Up Some Controversy

CNN's Eatocracy Blog asked LUCKYRICE founder Danielle Chang to provide them with 5 Misconceptions About Asian Food for their 5@5 series. Her list sparked a heated debate on the CNN page about the relative authenticity of various Asian foods in America. Clearly, food and cultural identity are closely tied together and folks have strong feelings about the matter. We maintain that anyone, regardless of race and background, can master any Asian cuisine and cook it as well as anyone from whichever Asian country, provided they have the proper ingredients and training. Japanese chefs, after all, have mastered just about every global cuisine, haven't they? Judging from the comments on the CNN Eatocracy blog, others choose to take the cultural essentialist position claiming that only Asians can cook Asian food and the only authentic food is in Asia.

Close to 300 comments were posted in response.

See for yourself:

Five Misconceptions About Asian Food