Stew Up to Warm Up


As temperatures fall across the U.S., a cozy comforter and a hot bowl of food are hard to resist. Asian cuisines are filled with warming stews catered to both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike and some of our favorites are listed below. Grab a seat on the couch, load up your next Netflix series for binge-watching and call it a day:

Korean Army Stew (Budae Jjigae)


Concocted from surplus foods left in U.S. military bases after the Korean War, budae jiigae is a traditional spicy soup flavored with gochujang and kimchi. Chunji Jan-il Kwan in the heart of LA's K-Town specializes in traditional Korean stews and their Army Stew is as good as it gets. Packed with a quintessential list of random ingredients - spam, ramen, rice cakes, kimchi - it’s basically instant ramen on steroids.

Chunju Han-il Kwan 3450 W 6th St Ste 106 Los Angeles, CA 90020

Chinese Spicy Fish Stew


Still trying to get over that cold? Head to Hao Noodle and Tea for their signature Madam Zhu’s Spicy Fish Stew, which is inspired by numbingly spicy Sichuanese cuisine. Flaky fish in a slightly sour green broth is studded with whole Sichuan peppercorns and hot green and red chilis.

Hao Noodle & Tea 401 6th Ave New York, NY 10014

Indian Aviyal


Whoever says vegetables are not hearty has not tried Pondicheri's aviyal, a South Indian-inspired coconut stew packed with cauliflower, squash, carrots and okra. Don’t skip the cumin chili oil - just a dash of this aromatic condiment awakens the dish.

Pondicheri Gables West Ave 2800 Kirby Dr B132 Houston, TX 77098

Japanese Meat and Potato Stew (Nikujaga)


Authentic Japanese comfort food is in a bowl of nikujaga and Umi No Le has a warming, comforting version of this stew. Essentially made of two key components, meat and potatoes, it is this simplicity that makes the dish that much more crave-able.

Umi No Le

86 E 3rd St New York, NY 10003