Get Your Green On at Our First Plant-Based Feast for#LuckyriceSF


Many of those who have laid down roots in California’s rich cultural bed know Asia to be home. Their seeds have traveled miles, populating Western shores many have settled Bayside, in San Francisco. Asian by blood but deeply intertwined in America’s red, white and blue, they seek new forms of cultural relevancy and expression to progress their culture while giving it room to grow. Finding food as a means to represent that outgrowth with the most cognizance, they have taken their woks, mizuna and bok choy as manifestations of that ever-lasting Eastern glow.  

While many still equate Asian Food with rice-heavy meals and mystery brown sauces, at this year's annual LUCKYRICE San Francisco Feast we're spotlighting the evolution of our own cuisine. Elevated by fresh ingredients and avant-garde menu options, we're going back to basics, honoring the organic connection between our ancestors’ palate and plant. As we unearth the “choy" of cooking, we invite you to explore the green-potential in Asian cooking as it evolves to stand in the spotlight of healthy and eco-friendly alternatives. Sink your tastebuds into the riches of the farm to chopsticks movement through this curated experience of leafy greens and plant-based endeavors.

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