Photo Courtesy of Fish Cheeks

A seafood-centric family-style menu and a serious #NoPadThaiZone disclaimer makes it clear Fish Cheeks has something a little different to offer.Featuring dishes found all over the Land of Smiles, you won’t even notice there is no Pad Thai on the menu with all the intriguing and delectable options to choose from:

Hat Yai's Fried Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken with Shallot served with Sweet Chili Sauce

Photo Courtesy of Fish Cheeks

Kickstart your meal with this perfect appetizer. Shockingly, an ideal balance between crisp and tender, juicy chicken is achieved with no breading or coating...which means you’ll have room for that extra dish you were 50/50 on ordering.

Crab Fried Rice
Crab, Rice, Egg, Scallion, Onion served with Nam Jim Seafood

Photo Courtesy of Fish Cheeks

There's nothing more comforting than an overflowing mound of fried rice. Big chunks of perfectly seasoned crab heighten the already insane flavor profile of this tasty dish. You’ll be scooping spoonfuls onto your plate in fear it will get gobbled up by others. Maybe you won’t have room for that extra dish after all. Pro tip: remember to douse each spoonful with green sauce!

Coconut Crab Curry
Southern-style Curry, King Crab Meat with Mortar & Pestle Crushed Curry Paste served with Rice 

Photo Courtesy of Fish Cheeks

Make sure you can really handle “Thai spicy” before you dig in. This dish is definitely not for the faint of heart. Deeply-flavored curry is packed with heat but, somehow, does not overwhelm the fat chunks of sweet king crab meat.

Tom Yum Goong
Shrimp Soup with Milk, Shallots, Bird's Eye Chili, Mushroom, Galangal, Lemongrass, & Kaffir Lime Leaves

Photo Courtesy of Gothamist

Tom Yum Goong is a traditional soup known for its addictive flavor profile of spicy, sour, and savory. This version does not disappoint and is served in a large hot pot commonly used in northern China. The right amount of creaminess keeps the broth light and refreshing and copious amounts of perfectly cooked shrimp are simply the icing on top.

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