Lunchtime Perfection in a Bowl


Craving a bowl of noodles, but indulged in ramen a few weekends too many? Why not try out its cousin, soba (そば)? Made of buckwheat flour, roughly as thick as spaghetti, and prepared in various hot and cold dishes, soba has become popular and easily available nationwide. It makes for the perfect lunch on dreary work days: fast, but somehow luxurious as well. Unlike a heavy bowl of ramen, you won't need to cap these slurp-worthy noodles off with a nap. Let someone else wait in line for an aggressively seasoned, über-fatty bowl of ramen this lunch break - it's time to sit down and enjoy the suaver, leaner pleasures of soba:

Cocoron Soba

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Photo Courtesy of Cocoronandgoemon

One of the more popular spots in Manhattan, Cocoron Soba is a must-try for all soba lovers. Having mastered the art of buckwheat noodles, every visitor can experience the joy of soba, in its subtlety. Served cold or warm in a variety of broths, Cocoron's noodles are bouncy and resilient with a deep, roasty buckwheat flavor. Our favorite is the pork kimchee soba - the flavor has so much depth and the hint of spiciness adds the perfect amount of kick to each slurp.

61 Delancey St #1 New York, NY 10002


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Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats

Uni and soba?? SobaKoh, located in the East Village, is another favorite amongst soba lovers. Based on the motto "less is more", this restaurant uses simpler toppings and focuses on highlighting the noodles themselves. Re-imagine your idea of the conventional bowl of soba in hot broth and opt for the irresistible cold uni and ikura soba option. Thinner and smoother in texture than those of most soba houses, Sobakoh's noodles have the right amount of bite while the uni and ikura flavor profiles complement each other perfectly.

309 E 5th St New York, NY 10003


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Located in the heart of St. Mark's Place, Soba-Ya is a casual dining spot loved by Manhattan's soba aficionados. Their handmade noodles are made in a booth at the front of the house so visitors can see soba being made while waiting for a table. Focused on serving their customers the best soba as quick as possible, this hidden gem is perfect when you want a hearty bowl of noodles without a heavy aftertaste. Our go-to is the Curry Nanban which is perfect for a cold day. You can also get creative and customize your own soup by adding your own toppings - slurp away!

229 E 9th St New York, NY 10003

Soba Nippon

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Don't fret Midtown-ers! Soba Nippon has come to your rescue. Now you won't have to trek downtown to satisfy your soba fix. This Midtown gem offers a great lunch prix-fixe menu with a variety of solid choices. Their delicious buckwheat noodles have just the right amount of satisfying resistance with each bite. When dipped into the light savory dipping broth, there's no better cure for the hump day blues.

19 W 52nd St New York, NY 10103