Chef Dale Talde, the mastermind behind the popular restaurant Talde in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood, applies his distinct Asian-American experience to the menu of this eponymous dining spot. The two-season contestant on Top Chef has cultivated a cooking style he describes as “stepping out of tradition and authenticity”. We’re thrilled to have Chef Talde as the host of our 7th annual LUCKYRICE New York Feast on June 2 and, on this episode of LUCKYINSIDER, we chat with the successful chef and entrepreneur who is changing the Asian-American dining scene in New York City:

LUCKYRICE: Would you consider yourself first and foremost a chef or an entrepreneur?

Dale Talde: I would describe myself as both chef and entrepreneur. Nowadays, chefs have to be able to do both to build a successful business. I like to compare it to being a basketball player who is 6' 8" but is still about to play point guard - versatility is a major key to making it in the restaurant industry, especially in a city like New York.

LUCKYRICE: Why did you decide on a menu that is Pan-Asian rather than one that is more centered on Filipino cuisine at Talde?

Dale: I refer to the dishes I serve at Talde as "Asian-American" because I feel my love for food goes beyond the boundaries of Filipino cuisine and my perspective as an Asian-American adds another layer and level of uniqueness to its menu.

LUCKYRICE: You love to focus on fusing Asian cuisine with an American twist - have there been any dishes where the mash-up simply did not work?

Dale: Yes, I created a Yuzu Pickled Beet Salad topped with bonito flakes. I would describe its flavor profile as "Jewish deli meets Japanese-style pickles". Unfortunately, even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, other people did not.

LUCKYRICE: What were some memorable moments from your time on "Top Chef: Chicago" and "Top Chef All-Stars"?

Dale: There were so many! From "Top Chef Chicago", the most memorable moment was hands down winning the tailgate challenge. I also distinctly remember how miserable the wedding war and restaurant wars were. From "Top Chef All-Stars", I still remember the sense of victory I felt after winning restaurant wars and catching that huge striped bass.

LUCKYRICE: Any plans to open up a restaurant on the West Coast?

Dale: We are currently in the process of looking at spaces on the West Coast but no tangible plans as of yet - stay tuned!

LUCKYRICE: Favorite late-night snack?

Dale: Nothing beats a classic greasy burger.

Talde Brooklyn 369 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
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