From Winnie the Pooh-themed cookies to Totoro-themed tarts, Anna Chan's animated creations are both playful and sweet. Just a glance at her popular Instagram feed will be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth for days. In this episode of LUCKYINSIDER, we feature a budding Aussie entrepreneur who is taking the pastry world by storm with her illustrative and intricate creations:

LUCKYRICE: Why did you decide to focus on using tarts as the base for your designs?

Anna Chan: I used tarts as the base for my designs because I thought it was very unique. Donuts, cakes, cupcakes, macarons and cake pops were already being sold by other great bakers so I wanted to pick a pastry which incorporated cute characters and was loved by everyone, but different to what was already out there.

LUCKYRICE:  Have you ever considered creating non-dessert designs, such as bento boxes?

Anna: I actually started off designing my own kyaraben before making character desserts. I had a lot of inspiration from the amazing Maki Ogawa from luckysundae and Anna from AnnaTheRed. For practice, since I did not have access to bento-making tools, I stuck faces I cut out of nori on to whatever foods I could find.

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LUCKYRICE: Where do you usually draw inspiration for your creations?

Anna: Right now, I am totally in love with the accounts Littlemissbento and Bentomonsters. Their designs are super creative and you just can't take your eyes off their cute creations!

LUCKYRICE: What has been the most challenging design you've created thus far

Anna: In terms of tarts, I find that Totoro is the most challenging to make since it has the most details. In terms of the creations I've made for Instagram, it would definitely be my panda ice cream cones or anything to do with ice cream. The only downside is that they always begin melting before I can start decorating them!

LUCKYRICE: Have people ever contacted you for customized designs? If so, what has been the most bizarre one you've received?

Anna: When I started selling my tarts, there was one customer who wanted to order customized cookies with decorations that imitated Justin Bieber's face!

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LUCKYRICE: Most memorable design you've ever made?

Anna: Definitely my most recent cookies, which were Tsum Tsum cookies featuring Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh - they're just too cute!

LUCKYRICE: Your creations are sold at The Picnic Burwood on the weekends - do you have any future plans to open up your own shop?

Anna: Definitely! Sometime down the line, I do want to open a cafe and a dessert shop, but let's just keep the details a secret for now.

LUCKYRICE: Go-to late night dessert?

Anna: McDonald's Apple Pie or Soft Serve