A Malay Gem Hidden Inside...An American Sports Bar?



Walking into Fish Market on a Sunday night, there are a few people sitting at the bar watching the basketball game and a few sitting in the back conquering their lobsters. This is a Malaysian restaurant? There was no distinct savory Malay curry aroma permeating the air, but rather, just that of stale beer from last night's festivities. Am I in the right place? After seating us, Jeff, the owner, hands us two menus, one filled with sandwiches, lobster, beer, and the other with a variety of Malay favorites, from Curry Chicken to Crispy Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage. Moments later, we see an older Asian woman appear from the back. She is Jeff's mother, the lady in charge of the kitchen and the mastermind behind this hidden Malay gem.

So what sets Fish Market apart from its Malay counterparts? Jeff and his mother. With a booming laugh and personable demeanor, Jeff wants every customer to feel welcome in his restaurant, his second home. A woman who loves the food she cooks, Jeff's mother creates dishes with depth and a variety of flavors. She unapologetically cooks with authenticity, treating each customer like a family member who is coming into her home for a love-filled home-cooked meal. From Malaysian Curry Chicken to Spicy Chicken Wings, you get a real taste of what local Malaysians love to eat on a day-to-day basis.  The curry chicken is bursting with lemongrass flavor and made with the right consistency. The Yummy Noodles, or rice noodles with curry gravy, was sublime and the fried rice was unlike any other.

Though the sports bar exterior and interior are a bit misleading, don't let that steer you away. In a busy city like NYC, sometimes all you need is a nice homemade meal. So why not take your taste buds on a quick trip to Malaysia, by traveling down to the Seaport?

111 South St New York, NY 10038