Lucky Chow Season 2 screenings: "California here we come, right back where she started from"  


Whether you’ve seen it, knew it or felt it, Asians are the fastest growing population in America. According to information* put out last year by the Census Bureau, there are now 21 million Asians living in the United States and most of them are happy to call California, home. LUCKYRICE founder, Danielle Chang, raises her hands to that testament as she is one of those folks. Hailing from the Golden State, she grew up in San Francisco where she was exposed to multicultural diversity and a lot of good food. Surprisingly or not, the second fastest growing racial group was comprised of those who claimed to be two or more races and as diversity grows, so do our appetites.

As we search for ourselves in all the right and wrong places, we stumble upon cultural discoveries, the most accessible avenue for which is: food. When guttural instincts take over, racial and cultural dissonances dissipate, who cares who made it if it’s good, right?  Eateries have become destinations in the globally-connected world we live in. Whether folks are posting their in-tact meals to IG before diving in with chopsticks or forks, inviting friends over for a summer BBQ, or simply ordering take out for a makeshift picnic, food and the stories that come in-between the bites and slurps seems very “American” to us. Ironically, more and more people are looking towards the East to broaden and brighten their menus, palettes and conversations and so Asians, through their food are being integrated into a national conversation, not as foreigners, but as friends.

Lucky Chow, a critically acclaimed PBS series, hosted by our very own Danielle Chang, takes ownership of those narratives and stories that surround America’s growing obsession with all things Asian by giving a voice to those who are defining what it means to be an Asian American today. As Danielle travels around the country and really, the world, from cat cafes, to underground Baiju bars, to Sikh temples, she humanizes this phenomenon as she features everyone in this growing diaspora. From the folks who run the mom and pop shops, to those with Michelin-stars, Lucky Chow essentially strives to share our Asian heritage with the world through the lens of food. Yet Lucky Chow isn’t just for Asians, it is for everyone and anyone with a story to tell with strong cultural roots and respect for tradition. As Danielle exposes these culinary tales, we hope it helps you to find your own voice, encouraging you to interact with cultures other than your own in a way that is genuine and informed. These narratives exist on a very granular level, you can find Danielle featuring your neighborhood Izakaya and chatting with families in the hopes of starting conversations that allow us to draw parallels between their lives and our own, negating the space between “them” and “us”.

We’ll be celebrating the release of the second season of Lucky Chow with a series of screenings, the first one kicks off at Neuehouse in sunny, Los Angeles with a second screening to follow in San Francisco at China Live. Danielle will be on site to host the event and she’s bringing with her a lot of California love. We hope you’ll join us for two wonderful nights of community building and cultural appreciation! Comparing what’s on our plates, or in our recipe books, we’re realizing we’re not so different after all, in this American life.

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For more info on the screenings please see below:

LA Screening: Thursday June 22nd at Neuehouse, 6121 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Doors 6:30 PM || Screening at 7 PM

SF Screening: Sunday, June 25th at China Live, 644 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133

Event is from 6 PM - 7:30 PM, Drinks and Light Bites Available

Tickets available here: (Complimentary)