Celebrating Dad



Who better to show us the power of intergenerational cuisine than the irrepressible world-renowned chef Susur Lee, who paves the future of global Asian culture with his sons Levi, Kai and Jet. It's a family affair in the Bent-Lee kitchen. LUCKYRICE is honored to announce their hosting Breaking Bao Intergenerational Feast Reserve your tickets today to meet Susur, Levi, Kai and Jet in L.A!

Join us to celebrate Intergenerational Asian Culsine with your パパ , 爸爸, bàbà, 아빠, ພໍ່, အဘ, พ่อ, cha, Dad, Pop, Pa, and of course, Mom, Tita, Oppa, Hingdai, Aniki too, and get lucky with LUCKYRICE!

Visit luckyrice.ticketfly.com with the discount code: BABA18 to purchase your special Intergenerational discount $210 / pair (30% off) Offer available June 14-21

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