On Saturday August 18th, LUCKYRICE teamed up with our friends at Kimbap Lab to serve Korean tacos at Whole Foods Market Gowanus. Our budding partnership started last year when Sarah Lee, a co-founder of Kimbap Lab, participated in our New York Feast. Sarah and Chef Wonil Lee opened Kimbap Lab at Whole Foods Williamsburg in 2014 with the goal of making healthy Korean fast casual cuisine available to everyone. Her gluten-free take on a classic Korean dish: rice, veggies, and protein rolled in nori, opened to much fanfare. The Kimbap Lab menu also includes bone broths, rice bowls, and onigiri. Who knows, maybe tacos will be next!

The tacos for our pop-up, which came filled with bulgogi beef, spicy pork, or roasted cauliflower, sold out in a little over 2 hours! Due to popular demand, we hope to bring the pop-up back to Whole Foods with rotating menu items, so be on the lookout for upcoming dates! 

We're so lucky to have collaborated with Kimbap Lab on the taco pop-up, providing back-of-house and front-of-house support. On why Sarah chose to partner with LUCKYRICE, she mentioned, “LUCKYRICE is truly an inspiration for all of us chefs/restaurants/small businesses, especially women in the industry!”

Look out for Kimbap Lab at our #LUCKYRICE18 BREAKING BAO NYC FEAST on November 16 at the Bowery Hotel.