LUCKYRICE Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holidays are a great time of year to unwind and spend time with family and friends, but for others, it can be an overwhelming and stress-inducing period that includes buying presents, preparing holiday feasts, and visiting your mom who won't stop going on about your weight. That can be a total mood-killer and ruin all your festive celebrations. So we're here to ease your pain with an Asian-inspired gift guide that will impress all your loved ones this year! Who knew gift-giving could be so easy?

1.Williams Sonoma Chef'n Soy Sauce Mister

This is basically the Holy Grail product you never even knew you needed. This amazingly convenient soy sauce mister is the perfect item to season dumplings, sushi, and meats. Stand Up Against Soy Sauce Abuse and "lay off the sauce." You’ll definitely want one for yourself or “borrow” it back from your BFF.


Stylized pins are making a comeback and are the perfect gift ideas. Pintrill’s uniquely designed pins make personalized bags and jackets for that one friend who’s always got to be a lil’ extra.

  1. Soko Glam Best of K-Beauty Essentials Set

Prepare for the harsh winter colds that may leave skin feeling dry and dull with this award-winning beauty essentials kit. Your friends will appreciate that you care so much about their skincare routine!

  1. Pearl River Mart Ramen Onesie

If that doesn’t make your heart melt, we don’t know what will. Gift your sweet newbie nephews or nieces with this adorable, iconic noodle onesie. We really think this should really be called the ‘Cup O’ Cutie’ onesie.

  1. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask

Fresh’s Youth Preserving Rescue Mask will be your "Potion #9". Be sure to stock up on this amazing skincare product to gift out to all the lovely ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’s’ in your life.

  1. Analon ADVANCED BRONZE 14" Covered Wok

Stumped on what to get your Dad this year? Trust us, you’re not alone. Well lucky for you, you can surprise him with this heavy-duty wok. It’s perfect for recreating those delicious meals you’ve remembered from your childhood.


Your foodie-lover friend is going to absolutely love you for this bougie gift. We all know truffles go with just about anything, but no one is going to appreciate it more than that aspiring chef in your life.

  1. Cookbooks

We all have that one province we particularly enjoy food from, but for this holiday season, present your parents with this aptly-titled, all-encompassing cookbook All Under Heaven: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China* with recipes from various Chinese cuisines. *Chang's Choice

We've always felt that Filipino cuisine is one that is not celebrated enough, but no longer! Our chef partners and power couple, Nicole Ponseca + Miguel Trinidad from Marharlika and Jeepney in New York City, created the I Am a Filipino: And This Is How We Cook cookbook which is the perfect gift for your friend or family member that is looking to prepare new cuisines or wants to hone their skills on Filipino cooking.

  1. SHUN KANSO 7" ASIAN UTILITY KNIFE at Bloomingdale’s

Give the gift back for that special chef in your life who’s always making you delicious meals (aka Mom) with this high-quality stainless steel knife can handle tough cuts of meat or delicately slicing veggies.

10. SMJ-B 10-Cup Electric Mochi (Rice Cake) Maker*

Skip the rigorous Japanese mochi pounding and make your own chewy treat without all that fuss. This awesome gift will be a great holiday idea for your mochi-loving friend. *Chang's Choice

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