Comfort Food for the Seoul


New York City's Korea Town, located on 32nd Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue, is a one-stop shop for all things Korean. Although there are growing numbers of grub spots serving Korean cuisine popping up throughout the city, there are only a handful where busy dwellers of New York can find the perfect home-cooked Korean meal. Her Name is Han serves authentic Korean comfort food in an intimate environment that is more than just a restaurant, but rather, a much-needed home away from home from the very much commercialized Korea Town. Rather than trying to recreate a fancy culinary experience, this hidden gem focuses on creating a nostalgic one where diners can enjoy authentic korean "seoul" food just one block from the hustle and bustle of KTown:

Topping Tofu (토핑 두부) Spicy Veggie/Black Sesame

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When most people hear the word tofu, they cringe. Often considered to be flavorless and to have an odd texture, tofu is definitely not loved by everyone. However, this soy bean dish is bound to turn every hater into a fan with its multitude of textures and flavors. The black sesame sauce is savory with just the perfect amount of sweetness and the fried spicy vegetables are crunchy and crispy, providing the perfect juxtaposition with the smooth tofu base. Don't be surprised if you can't stop scooping up spoonfuls of this appetizer before it all disappears!

Fire Grilled Chicken (마늘 닭허벅살구이) Marinated in Garlic Sauce with Korean Scallion SalaD

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If you ask most Koreans about their essentials for their native cuisine, the top three picks would most likely be homemade kimchi, shots of soju, and crispy fried chicken. Her Name is Han's somewhat healthier take on Korea's obsession with fried chicken is their Fire Grilled Chicken. Topped with sweet bread crumbs and served with a side scallion salad, this garlic chicken is juicy and packed with flavor, but without the guilt of its fried counterparts. Perfect to pair with a refreshing Corona, this dish will quickly become your go-to late night craving.

Japchae (잡채) Noodles with Spicy Oriental Sauce Stir-fried Short-necked Clams & Potato

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Served hot or cold, japchae is a traditional Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles, stir fried in sesame oil with thinly sliced vegetables, flavored with soy sauce, sweetened with sugar. and often served with beef. Here, meat is replaced with short-necked clams, an unexpected, yet surprisingly pleasant substitution. A staple on the Korean dinner table, every bite of these noodles will take you back to your annual family gatherings for Thanksgiving or New Years festivities - slurp away!

Dumpling Soup (모둠해물 손만두 전골) Spicy Assorted Seafood & Homemade Dumplings

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As the chilly weather slowly approaches, it's time to pull out our fuzzy socks and Canada Goose outerwear from storage. Hot chocolate and matcha lattes are great but nothing does the job quite like some hearty soup. Filled to the brim with flavorful spicy broth, assorted seafood, vegetables, and house-made dumplings - trust us, you can most definitely tell the difference - this soup will give the Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup you have stocked up in your pantry a run for its money. Whenever you feel an oncoming cold or just want to warm up from the freezing weather, this dumpling soup will be your new favorite this upcoming winter.

Her Name Is Han 17 E 31st St New York, NY 10016