Anita Lo Kicks Off The 2011 LUCKYRICE Festival

It's been a year in the planning so you can imagine how excited we were when we kicked off the 2011 LUCKYRICE Festival last night at annisa.

Here's a picture of the two stars of last night's LUCKYRICE Kick-Off Dinner Presented by HSBC Bank: Chef Anita Lo and Danielle Chang, the founder of LUCKYRICE.

What a delicious meal it was! Anita prepared a five course tasting menu inspired by the themes of the festival events and each course was paired with an outstanding Austrian wine provided by the Austrian wine expert Monika Caha.

As we waited for the guests to arrive, we nibbled on a selection of five hors d'oevre which gave the guests an idea of the types of tastes they will be getting at the Grand Feast: Duck Rillettes with 5-Spice and Hoisin on Toast, Chilled Avocado Soup Shooters, Unagi and Scallion Fritters with Soy Glaze, Annisa Canapé Cups and LUCKYRICE Balls.

If you were not aware of the delicious food that Anita Lo is cooking at annisa, take a glance at this menu. Of course, this is not what you would order on a normal night at annisa but as you read through the combinations of flavors, you will get a sense of how versatile a chef she is.

First Course - Talk and Taste Korea

Tartare of White Tuna with Korean Chili Paste

Fritsch Grûner Veltliner Steinberg 2009 (Wagram, Austria)

Photo Credit: Briana McDonell

Second Course - Morimoto

Foi Gras Chawan Mushi with Sunchokes and Meyer Lemon

Stadlmann Zierfandler Mandelhöh 2008 (Thermenregion, Austria)

Photo Credit: Briana McDonell

Third Course - Night Market

Seafood Medley with Curry Laksa Sauce

Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc Klausen 2009 (Steiermakr, Austria)

Photo Credit: Briana McDonell

Fourth Course - Macau

Pork Tenderloin with Manila Clams, Black Beans and Green Garlic

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Pannobile 2006 (Burgenland, Austria)

Photo Credit: Briana McDonell

Fifth Course - La Fête Chinoise

Blancmange with Toasted Almonds and Kumquats

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Trockenbeerenauslese 2005 (Burgenland, Austria)

Photo Credit: Briana McDonell

While last night's dinner was an intimate affair for about 40 guests, tonight's cocktail party at The Bowery Hotel will be an exciting celebration of cocktail culture with hundreds of guests in attendance. Seventeen bartenders will be serving cocktails made with Asian ingredients. Let's hope for a warm evening so we can enjoy those cocktails on the hotel's beautiful terrace.