A Korean Gem in Prospect Heights



Calling all Brooklynites! Craving Korean grub but uninterested in making the trek to Manhattan? Head to Bopsot, the newest hot spot in the heart of Prospect Heights, for Korean food with a twist. Brooklyn is not the initial area that comes to mind when most people think of Korean food in New York City but the overwhelming influence of Korean cuisine is rapidly taking over the city, and now, even Brooklynites can step outside their doorstep to enjoy a hearty bowl of bibimbap. In Korean, 'bopsot' literally means "rice cooker" and is quite a fitting name for a restaurant that highlights Korean rice-based dishes. From savory Soboro Chicken Rice to a satisfying Rice Burger, bring your appetite because we're diving into carb paradise on Vanderbilt Avenue:

Bulgogi Arancini Balls

Arancini balls? An Italian dish at a Korean restaurant? Trust us on this one. Bopsot takes these already addicting fried rice balls to another level with their Korean twist. They pack these arancini with their very own bulgogi (marinated Korean beef), cheese, rice, and a special sauce that envelops your taste buds with flavor and all things delicious. Paired with sweet and spicy chili paste, one bite into the ball's crunchy exterior will transport you to arancini heaven. Who knows, maybe you'll just have to say ciao to your favorite local pasta joint to indulge in an Italian classic at this new Korean foodie spot.

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Rice Burger

Korean Marinated Angus Beef Patty in a Rice Bun

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Burgers are Korean too? Well, now they are. This variation on the traditional burger substitutes hamburger buns with compressed rice cakes to round out this massive concoction of meaty goodness. The beef patty is marinated and cooked to perfection while the sunny-side up egg, refreshing greens, and special chili paste add a variety of interesting textures and mouthwatering flavors to this one-of-a-kind burger. The next time you're craving a juicy burger, take a ride on the wild side and change up your usual Shake Shack order. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Kimchi Tacos

Korean Marinated Meat with Kimchi

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It's Taco Tuesday and you've already paid visits to all of the famous taco joints highlighted in the latest Eater article - what are you going to do?? Kimchi tacos have quickly become a popular Korean-Mexican fusion dish and the pairing of classic Korean-style fillings such as bulgogi and kimchi with traditional Mexican corn or flour tortillas is the epitome of East meets West "cuisine". Bopsot's take on this trending fusion dish melts in your mouth...literally. The juicy pieces of meat combined with perfectly pickled kimchi and refreshing daikon bits create a balanced whirlwind of amazing flavors and textures for you to savor with each and every bite. So what are you waiting for? Get on the next 2 or 3 train and head to Prospect Heights!