A Cure for the Winter Blues

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Craving a steaming bowl of soup noodles or a hearty sandwich? Located in the heart of Bushwick, Lucy's Vietnamese Kitchen serves Vietnamese comfort food with a modern twist using the freshest ingredients. From Vegetarian Pho to Lemongrass Tofu Bánh Mì, Head Chef Johnny Huynh brings the same passion and love for Vietnamese food his grandmother Lucy has to his home neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. The intimate interior reflects the menu - simple and concise. Although you can count the number of dishes available on one hand, each is prepared to perfection and is an answer to your prayers on chilly winter nights. From the welcoming staff to their colorful bowls of noodles, get ready to slurp away your winter blues:

Pho // Vietnamese Noodle Soup Tofu, Chicken, Smoked Brisket

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Tantalizing. That is the exact word that came to mind after we finished our bowl of pho. Lucy's adds its own twist to this classic Vietnamese dish with a mushroom-based broth. Long-simmered with shallots, ginger, and herbs, this vegetarian-friendly broth gives its meat-based counterpart a run for its money with a packed flavor profile and crystalline clean aftertaste. You can choose between three proteins: tofu, chicken, or smoked brisket, but our favorite, hands down, was the third. Smoked for a lengthy fourteen hours, this brisket melts inside your mouth with each bite. Warning: you won't be able stop slurping until your bowl is completely empty!

Bánh Mì // Baguette Sandwiches Smoked Brisket, Lemongrass Chicken, Lemongrass Tofu

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There's no better activity on a brisk weekend night than watching Netflix while snuggling in the warmth of your comforter post-intense food coma. Lucy's modern bánh mì sandwiches are armed and ready to help you prepare for the best Friday night ever.

The perfect bánh mì consists of three key components: protein, bread, and pickled vegetables. Lucy's delivers on all three. Similar to the pho option, you can choose from three proteins: smoked brisket, lemongrass chicken, and lemongrass tofu. Our favorite was once again, the flavorful and tender smoked brisket. The bread, which is made specially for the shop in the century-old coal oven of their neighbors at Pizza Party, is absolute perfection with its crispy crust and chewy inside. The garlic aioli is an impeccable replacement to the traditionally-used mayonnaise while the cilantro, pickled vegetables, and chiles provide a multiplicity of textures and kick. Prepare to roll out of the restaurant post-sandwich.

Lucy's Vietnamese Kitchen

262 Irving Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11237